ERP development and custom applications

To meet the needs of each company, Ubister develops tailor-made ERP solutions. Every company is different and therefore has specific needs.

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Long-term partnership

Setting up partnerships to best meet your needs: SNAP: slovak partner, BR3: French SAP partner



Our team is certified in the implementation of specific developments for Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions: Byd, SAC.



Adapt or complete the ERP according to the specific needs of your business.

BI (Data science) / Analytics

SAP Business ByDesign analytics reporting: reporting, data sources (Past data)

- ETL: extract transform load (Data extraction and transformation)

- SAC : Package D4 -> Planning


Implementation of external applications with SAP Business ByDesign (Applications):

API (Application Programming Interface)

Our team uses programming interfaces to connect SAP Business ByDesign with external applications, including the creation of web services (SOAP, REST, OData)

Data migration / Mass modification

Creation and adaptation of excel templates

Opt for a specific development in addition to an ERP solution?

Depending on the ERP solutions, other more specialized modules are available. However, the ERP integrator often finds that the needs of some companies are not covered by this set of proposals. It is common to encounter in a company either a particular way of dealing with one of the functions mentioned above, or a function that is specific to it.

For example, a company wants to manage its after-sales service in a sophisticated way. It needs to memorize many details about each customer intervention: the precise request for intervention of the customer, the problem encountered, the product references, the level of update, the follow-up given, if there is a change, the dates, places, the name of the technician, his intervention report, but also a library of FAQs, a troubleshooting knowledge base, etc. All this in a format that is specific to it.

Faced with such a necessity, one answer consists in seeking a specialized solution and interfacing it with the ERP; many offers exist on the market. But in some cases, the company's expectations are so particular that the best solution is to carry out a specific development.

Developpement spécifique


The choice of an ERP is not done easily, even if the implementation can be fast!

Whether you are changing tools, or thinking about implementing your first ERP, our team remains at your disposition to help you.

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An integrated management software or ERP «Enterprise Resource Planning » is a complete solution that allows real-time management of different business areas. For example , the tool can integrate accounting software, logistics software, production management software ... The modules are connected and updated in real time to facilitate decision-making for all services.

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