SAP Analytics Cloud: Cloud Analytics Software for SMEs

This very agile solution allows you to discover, visualize, plan and predict in a single product! No need to juggle applications, or to switch from one screen to another. Integrated with SAP Cloud Platform, this solution protects your data and harnesses the power of In-Memory technology to deliver real-time SaaS Business Intelligence.

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The features of SAP Analytics Cloud

Answer your questions in real time

With business intelligence tools and exceptional data visualization.

Anticipate your results

Using In-Memory technology and SAP HANA Machine Learning, identify relevant predictive information and evaluate results in real time.

Plan and simulate

With collaboration and analytics tools built right into your planning processes, you can dramatically simplify and speed up financial planning and analysis.

Technical Solutions

Creation based on the cloud, accessible on all types of devices (smartphone, tablet, PC ... via an internet connection) - Hosting in SAP data center (Europe or US)

Standard Features

Business Intelligence: Hybrid access to data, real-time business intelligence, data mining, real-time analytics ...

Planning: In-Memory calculation engine, advanced reporting tools, user-oriented financial modeling ...

Functional Scope

Business intelligence, Predictive analytics, Planning


Subscriptions from 30 € per month per user


Implementation from one month

Why choose SAP Analytics Cloud?

By combining a wide spectrum of analytical capabilities, including planning, predictive analytics and business intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud enables organizations to be more responsive and save time:

  • Better evidence-based decision-making and improved business performance
  • More efficient use of analytics with scalability on any type of device through applications
  • Rapid ROI and increase in the value of existing investments


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An integrated management software or ERP «Enterprise Resource Planning » is a complete solution that allows real-time management of different business areas. For example , the tool can integrate accounting software, logistics software, production management software ... The modules are connected and updated in real time to facilitate decision-making for all services.

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