Ubister Users Community

For Ubister, customer satisfaction is paramount, that is why we support the realization of successful projects and provide means of collaboration between each member of the Ubister – C2U community.


The contributions of the platform are considerable for the users

Mutualization of achievements (common developments, Reports and condition, connectors, ...)

Horizontal exchange of know-how, competences , practice and feeback 

Bringing users together to overcome difficulties and also to put them in direct contact with SAP

What advantages for the ERP user community ?

The community meets to progress together, in a spirit of exchange and conviviality:

  • Strong involvement of a project / client team ;
  • Collaborative work ;
  • Online tools ;
  • Autonomy of users and tracked progress ;
  • Etc.

The C2U community is one of the strongest points of Ubister's support for SAP Business ByDesign users.

C2U workshops (Thematics)

Twice a month, one-hour workshops bring together participants around a specific technical or organizational theme to better use ERP:

  • A feature to mass update data in a project ;
  • Possible interfaces between a CRM tool and SAP Business ByDesign;
  • SAP information on the evolution of the cloud and our management solutions ;
  • Cash forecast ;
  • Data exports with Odata ;
  • The webservice functionality ;
  • Our e-learning solution and associated certifications ;
  • Etc.

Physical meetings

Two meetings per year are organized at one of our clients workspace for both a presentation of its activity and interactive workshops.

ubister users community

The C2U was launched in 2016 and is the first SAP Business ByDesign community in France. The objective is to establish connection between the users of the solution and to share best practices.

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Do you need an advice to choose your management software?

The choice of an ERP solution is not easily made, even if the implementation can be fast !

Whether you are changing tools, or thinking about implementing your first ERP, our team remains at your disposition to help you.

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An integrated management software or ERP «Enterprise Resource Planning » is a complete solution that allows real-time management of different business areas. For example , the tool can integrate accounting software, logistics software, production management software ... The modules are connected and updated in real time to facilitate decision-making for all services.

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