Professional services firms are project-based companies that face the challenge of recording and managing time on multiple projects in multiple locations and billing them on different schedules.

It does not matter what professional services area you work in. IT consulting, strategy and process consulting, management consulting, engineering consulting … You share similar business objectives.

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The advantages of our software solution for service companies

SAP Package Design4

ERP solution certified by SAP

In order to answer specific problematics of precise business we have developed a “turnkey” solution certified by SAP.

Attractive Price

Unlike other management softwares, SAP Business ByDesign is an attractive solution for startups, SME and midcap companies, with a pack of 19 900 euros all included.

Outstanding cost / power ratio

71% of professional service firms consider it important to offer results-based and consumption-based contracts on an evolving basis.


Technical Solutions

Mode Saas (Software as a Service),accessible on all types of channels (smartphone, tablette, PC ... via internet connection ) - Located in SAP data center  (Europe or US)

Standard Characteristics

Multi-society, multi-device, used in more than 117 countries

Functional Scale

CRM sales administration ,supply chain logistique, production, project management, Customer Service, General and analytic accounting, reporting

Cost and implementation

  • Subscription from 15€ per month per user
  • Implementation from 19,900€

Time of implementation

From 12 weeks depending on the number of companies deployed and your involvement in the project


This latest-generation solution is both quick and adaptable regardless of the user's profile, and is designed for the growth of SMEs and mid-marketers through.

  • Structuring business pre-settings
  • Documented process
  • Piloting and reporting tools
  • A user training kit

This solution dedicated to companies in the professional services sector, will allow you to:

  • Get visibility into your projects in real time
  • Develop the right services at the right time, ensure delivery on time, and replicate success
  • Target your services with a better insight into customer lifecycles
  • Evaluate projects and customer profitability in real time to achieve business objectives.

Meet customer expectations, generate new revenue streams, offer digital services and adopt new business models based on results for non-linear growth by integrating data and processes through digital transformation and the management of your total workforce.In our white paper "Everything about SAP Business By Design", we detail the technical features of the tool, as well as our implementation process and examples of success stories with our customers.

SAP Business By Design professional services

Do you need an advice to choose your management software?

The choice of an ERP is not done easily, even if the implementation can be fast!

Whether you are changing tools, or thinking about implementing your first ERP, our team remains at your disposition to help you.

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An integrated management software or ERP «Enterprise Resource Planning » is a complete solution that allows real-time management of different business areas. For example , the tool can integrate accounting software, logistics software, production management software ... The modules are connected and updated in real time to facilitate decision-making for all services.

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