Our vision and approach

Ubister – growing, dynamic and thoughtful, cautious and open to the world, attentive to innovations and aiming for sustainability. That’s why we can better understand you and your needs.


Our competences

SAP Gold Partner Ubister

SAP Gold Partner

1st SAP partner in France for the SAP Business ByDesign solution, thanks to a recognized expertise and an experienced team.


SAP Recognized Expertise

Daily support, user training and respect for deadlines are part of our daily leitmotivs.


Our mission

Improve companies' relationship with their business IT by helping them make the best use of cloud management tools.

Our values

Support you over the long term

We are at your disposal - growing, dynamic and thoughtful, prudent and open to the world, attentive to innovation and concerned about sustainability. This is why we can better understand you and your needs.

Give you access to the potential of the cloud

We provide you with management solutions adapted to your needs and future developments, based mainly on the best offer on the market today: Cloud management solutions. The Cloud is currently transforming business computing. We have chosen the SaaS mode because it allows us to benefit from high-performance and scalable IT tools at a lower cost.


The mission of our ERP and SAP consultants is to provide you with the information you need to manage your company and its development independently, at a lower financial and human cost. Our management software is easy to implement and use, accessible on all devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Constantly provide you with a high level of expertise

We are in a continuous process of innovation and improvement, to bring our teams to the top, just like the solutions we offer - always up to date with the latest version, in the rapidly expanding world of the Cloud.

Our integration approach of SAP Business By Design

SAP has recognized us as a Gold Partner. Connected to the Cloud, our highly decentralized, multi-site teams are constantly interconnected, because we have measured the value that this collaborative work brings to our customers. Our clients have a designated contact person, but in practice they have the same expertise as the totality of our team.

Our ways of work :

  • modular
  • adjustable
  • flexible

Just like the products we offer:

  • components chosen according to your current needs.
  • the possibility to cross-reference and aggregate your results.
  • the ability to complete and readjust as your business grows.
  • the availability of a complete tool, permanently corresponding to the image of who you become.

This is why we always take the time to confirm with our future customers, before any intervention, the exact adequacy of the solutions.

Equipe Ubister


The choice of an ERP is not done easily, even if the implementation can be fast!

Whether you are changing tools, or thinking about implementing your first ERP, our team remains at your disposition to help you.

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An integrated management software or ERP «Enterprise Resource Planning » is a complete solution that allows real-time management of different business areas. For example , the tool can integrate accounting software, logistics software, production management software ... The modules are connected and updated in real time to facilitate decision-making for all services.

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